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Eastwind Stables Horse Transport is proudly serving BC and Alberta with prompt, professional service. Connecting hauls to a eastern shipper is possible with enough notice. Eastwind has proven to be a reputable choice amongst horse owners for trailering. From show horses, racehorses to an owners beloved pet . . . Eastwind takes great pride in safe and sound journey for each.

Eastwind is based from Kamloops, British Columbia. This central B.C. location makes it easy to accommodate many different destination points. Layover stalls are usually available in Kamloops if needed. Local hauling within Kamloops and area is usually available for an hourly rate.

If a destination is not listed, a trip can be planned to accommodate owners or I am happy to assist in coordinating with one of my fellow commercial transporters across Canada and the USA.

During long distance trips, layovers are sometimes necessary. This will give the horse a chance to move around, relax and have a good rest if we must layover. Commercial drivers are allowed behind the wheel for 13 hours daily. I have a wide array of various layover facilities according to the route. For the longer trips, a small square bale of hay is required to ensure the horses diet stays the same. Quarantine hauls, charters and group bookings are available.



All equipment is maintained according to the National Safety Code Standards. The truck and trailer are subject to an annual commercial vehicle inspection. All scales and brake checks are attended in compliance with the Ministry of Transportation.



The 2010 Charmac Yukon custom built 4 horse, is oversized with 42" stalls and a longer offset then other angle hauls. 8' wide x 7'6 tall. Each stall has its own lower divider for added safety. The trailer is equipped with a live feed camera. Rear load ramp, padded dividers, oversized drop down windows, an Ethafoam floor underneath the rubber matting and converts into (2) 8x8 box stalls for mare with foals and weanlings. The rear stall is often used to transport minis as it is the largest. The trailer is fully insulated, including the ceiling.




Shared or Charter

Shared hauls, charters, emergencies, quarantine horses and group bookings are available. The most inexpensive way to transport your horse, is a shared haul. However, a shared haul will have stops along the way making the trip longer. A charter is a direct haul and is suitable for quarantine horses and / or folks that need their horse in a timely fashion. This is the more expensive way to go, but can sometimes be the most practical. Group bookings for shows and other events are welcome. All trips are subject to road and weather conditions.

Loading and Unloading

There MUST be someone present at the pick up and drop off locations. The horse MUST be halter broke and able to be led. The horse must be in a contained area and be ready for loading. I allow 1/2 hour for loading in the original price quote. There is a surcharge if I need to wait for any reason. Many owners are afraid to disclose their horse does not load well - I would rather know that ahead of time, so I can allow for some extra time. PLEASE disclose any difficult driveways, access roads and special instructions (ie...nasty dogs, gate codes etc..). I will always contact both the pick up and drop locations with an ETA. I fully understand what it is like to wait around for someone. Patience is required as sometimes arrival times can be compromised by weather, road conditions or other unforeseen circumstances. I will do my very best to keep everyone informed. People often ask about boots and bandages. I do carry extra boots on board but please ensure the horse is accustomed to wearing them. Sometimes, boots can be more of a nightmare then what its worth. Please ensure bandages and boots are done by a skilled horseman and will not slip. It is VERY important to make sure I have clear access to both locations in the winter. I will not compromise the safety of myself, the horses or the equipment if driveway conditions are extremely slippery or the snow is too deep. We may have to make other arrangements for loading - something can always be worked out.

Additional Cost

Usually a 1 night layover cost is included in the price quote unless otherwise discussed. I do not mind taking a saddle, bridle and small tote. Anything more then that is an additional charge and must be disclosed as there may not be room. I do not haul excess amounts of hay, other then 1 or 2 bales to accompany that horse. Within the price quote, I allow a 1/2 hour for loading. There may be an additional charge for difficult loaders. There is an additional charge for wait time. Wait time could include a vet appointment, shows, clinics or preparing a horse for loading. The usual charge is 25.00 per half hour. There is always a higher price quote for a double stall so please disclose the stall size you wish when asking for a quote. I always offer a discounted rate to an owner that has more then one horse to have transported. Keep in mind when shopping around for a quote, sometimes the cheapest quote is not always the best way to go. There is usually a reason for an inexpensive haul. Don't compromise quality service to save 50.00 or 100.00. All original price quote are based on what I am told. If I receive the paperwork back or end up having to drive more then a 20km radius from the pick up / drop location, you will be charged according.

Mortality Insurance

I do NOT provide mortality insurance on your horse. If you do not have mortality coverage on your horse and it is a concern, a policy can easily be put into place. If I feel the horse needs medical attention during transport, I will attempt to contact the owner. If I cannot make contact, I will then contact the nearest vet to help. This will be at the owners expense.

Feed , Water and Rest

Hay and water is provided throughout the trip. I like to pull over every few hours for a check and a rest. Depending on the horse, I may haul them untied so they can stretch their head and neck. This will help keep the airway cleared. Keep in mind, each stall has a lower divider so they cannot put their heads anywhere that will harm them.

Transport Agreements

Each owner / agent must have the Transport Agreement filled out and sent back to me prior to the trip. This can be printed off below or I can email it. I urge all clients to carefully read and fill out the agreement properly. I cannot stress enough how helpful it is to disclose everything about the horse and the locations. A deposit may be required at time of booking.

Eastwind Transport Agreement (pdf)

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the "wear and tear" on the truck and trailer, there is a limit on the amount of gravel or difficult access roads I will do. This is hard on the other horses in the trailer and find not very fair. You MUST disclose the access to the properties and I will use my discretion. When it comes to property driveways with difficulte access, overgrown tree branches etc.. I will also use discretion and we may load on the street.


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